We are small, but continue to make great progress!

Wilma Johnson
I have spent at least one month each year since 1986 working with indigenous groups in Bolivia, Guatemala and Kenya. I am a Registered Nurse and earned a Ph.D. in International Village Development from the University of Utah in 1992. My Ph.D. research work occurred among the Aymara Indians of Bolivia. Since 1991 I have been raising funds and returning for one month each year to support and work with the Samburu tribes-people of Kenya. My deep respect and admiration for the Samburu is based on their daily struggle to improve their lives and integrate with western culture despite the inhuman treatment they have received over the years from some elements of that culture. My ongoing work with the Samburu is driven by their intelligence, determination, and outstanding efforts to gain education, income capabilities and overall life improvement.
Michael and Sarah Lenaimado
Michael gained high school and college education and, together with his wife Sarah, they are the key people involved in education, project planning, and income production for their tribe. Tribal Advancement helped Michael complete special training with Kenyan Wildlife. He is now their “Head Scout” and is sent to tribes all over Kenya to train warriors how to stop the killing of wild animals by poachers from Somalia. Tribal Advancement sent Sarah to Nairobi for three years and she gained her Teaching Certificate together with one year of health training. Sarah teaches at the small school adjacent to tribal grounds, provides literacy and health trainings to the Samburu adults and maintains a small health fund with basic medicines. Michael and Sarah maintain all book-keeping records, receipts and forward project reports to Wilma Johnson. They are key leaders in their tribe’s ongoing advancement.