Each year when I return for a month to work with the Samburu, we hold group meetings to carefully plan projects. These are based on near-term survival needs for the tribe such as water supplies, food supplies and health, as well as long-term projects centered around micro-credit businesses and education.

Current projects and school fees requiring funding

Basic survival food and water for drought stricken families: $4,000

Health supplies and medicine to treat the sick: $1,400

Brick-Making Project Extension: $2,400
This is one of the early community-based projects created by two young men who graduated from high school with the help of Tribal Advancement. They created this income-producing project not just for themselves, but for 20-25 other young men who had no higher education. Working conditions are harsh and they work from early morning to late evening, but the ability to make income for their families drives their enthusiasm and their determination. With our funding this successful business wil be expanded with the purchase of additional equipment needed to make the bricks and the creation of a safe location in Wamba to store and sell them.

Chicken and Egg Project: $3,000
This year a second chicken and egg project will be developed for the Samburu women. The first phase of the chicken and egg project was implemented by the men in 2010. The women's group will farm chickens and eggs which will provide food within their families and will also be sold to large numbers of people in the trading town of Wamba.

Pit Toilet Project Extension: $2,040
10 more pit toilets are planned to be constructed in 2012 to maintain clean drinking water.

Annual School Fees for 18 Secondary School Students: $5,400
Tribal Advancement funds students so they can gain the secondary education that has proven so valuable when they return and are able to apply their knowledge to the benefit of the entire tribe.

Previously completed and/or continuing projects

Brick-Making Project

Education Projects

Health Care and Reproductive Health Education

Micro-Credit Loans for Businesses Run by Women

Pit Toilets Project

Water Tank Construction Project

Bakery Construction in Wamba
The food and restaurant businesses in Wamba had to pay for trucks to transport all their bread and rolls from a trading town three hours distant. There was no local bakery. With funds from Tribal Advancement, the Samburu constructed a bakery in Wamba where they now cook and sell bread and rolls. This continues to be an excellent income-generating business for the Samburu.