During droughts the Samburu used to migrate to their permanent water holes and wait for the rains, but Colonials now prevent their access. Two years ago the warriors discovered a deep spring high up in the mountains above their manyattas. We contacted a Kenyan Wildlife Engineer and he travelled 2 days to meet with the Samburu. He investigated the spring, laid out a plan to bury a water line 2 kilometers in length from the deep spring, and build a large water tank among the manyattas. Tribal Advancement raised the necessary funds, and when I returned to Nairobi a year later I met 5 Samburu men, rented a huge truck with driver, purchased rocks from a quarry, other construction materials from a trading town, and then drove 2 days north to the manyattas.

Bricks for the water tank being unloaded.

Over a 4 week period in January 2009 the water tank was built by the tribal men. They worked from sunrise to dark during those weeks with only the most basic of tools.

On the day that water began flowing into the tank the tribe gathered to dance and sing and show their excitement and deep gratitude. During periods of drought the water flowing into this tank from the mountains has literally saved many of the tribe from death.

Completed water tank!