Tribal Advancement has helped a group of young Samburu men create a successful brick-making business that has become an important source of income for them. From daylight to dark the men dig the earth, mix it with water and place the mud in wooden frames.

Earth is dug-up and placed into wood frames.

The bricks firm overnight and are then placed in a kiln and baked for 30 hours.

Out of the kiln...

and into stacks waiting to be transported.

The men carry these beautifully formed bricks in wheel-barrows to the trading town of Wamba where the bricks are sold for cash. It takes the young men 4 hours to push the wheel-barrows over dirt trails from their manyattas to Wamba.

Except for one truckload pictured here, bricks are transported the 2 miles to Wamba for
sale by wheel barrow. Part of the project expansion will include start-up funding to
transport the finished bricks by truck.

It is very hard work but all who are involved with the brick-making business are proud of their accomplishments and grateful to be able to make a cash income. Tribal Advancement plans to raise funds this year to provide tools and materials for further expansion of this very successful business including the use of trucks to transport the larger number of bricks to market in Wamba.