Tribal Advancement, a grassroots organization, was created by Wilma Johnson in 1991 to support North Kenyan Samburu tribes-people in their struggle to improve their lives and integrate their traditional lifestyle with western culture.

These Samburu are achieving remarkable progress, and we hope you will join us in supporting them!

Drought Disaster Alert!!!

For the past eight months East Africa has received no rain and consistently high temperatures in the 90’s causing the worst drought in this region in at least 60 years. The Samburu tribes-people who are the focus of Tribal Advancement receive no government assistance and have been devastated. Very large numbers of their cattle and goats have died which are the livelihood of the Samburu families. Extreme heat, lack of water and almost no available food is causing widespread sickness and death of animals and people.

During the first 7 months of this current drought, water continued to trickle into the water tank project that we completed in January 2009. The tribes-people agreed among themselves to drink just one cup of water per day and the water tank continued to save lives. Then, another disaster! Some elephants dug into the dry earth and broke the water line, completely cutting off the water supply. This had to be repaired rapidly and I wired them funds. We hope the repairs have restored this essential source of water.

I have received updates over the past months from my Samburu contacts and I have wired funds so they can purchase basic food and water needed for their survival. For each of the past two months we have spent $1000 on these survival supplies. This is the only humanitarian aid available to approximately 500 Samburu in this region, without which many will die.

If you can support the Samburu during this horrific drought, please forward a check to:
Tribal Advancement, 3342 Lt. Cottonwood Rd., Sandy, UT. 84092

I thank you in advance for any support you can provide my Samburu friends.
Sincerely, Wilma